Estate Services

Court Accounting and Fiduciary Operations:

The Orange County Public Guardian Accounting Unit manages the processing of estate/trust financial transactions including daily receipts, disbursements, bank deposits, general ledger, revolving fund payments, trust and bank reconciliations, income and fiduciary tax filings, and court accounting reports.  Court accountings are prepared and completed in accordance with probate and trust rules.  The Accounting Unit also provides vault services which include the intake, storage, and release of estate valuables such as jewelry items, precious metals, stock and bond certificates, rare coin/tokens, etc.

The OC Public Guardian also has an in-house investment ad hoc committee with participating members from County Counsel, County Treasurer, and other stakeholders.  The investment committee sets investment policies, provide investment guidelines, oversight, and assists program deputies with the development of clients’ investment plan and investment policy statement.    


The OC Public Guardian serves as conservator for Orange County residents who are unable to provide for their own needs due to mental illness or physical incapacity.  There are two types of conservatorships:  1) Lanterman-Petris-Short Act (LPS) Conservatorship, and 2) Probate Conservatorship.  LPS conservatorships are for persons who are gravely disabled as a result of mental disorder.  Probate conservatorships are for persons who are unable to provide for their own needs or handle their financial affairs.  These cases are typically associated with the elderly.

A very small number of LPS conservatees have an estate that can support more than the basic minimal fees as the majority of their income is Social Security and Media-Cal benefits.  As such, the OCPG charges a small monthly fee of $38, but only to the extent there is left-over funds after all the conservatee needs have been met.

For probate conservatorship cases, fees are awarded based on an hourly rate basis both for the Public Guardian and County Counsel,  Probate Code § 2942.  The Public Guardian requests fees for its services based on an hourly fee schedule established by the County Auditor Controller.   All fees are subject to Court approval.