Real Property Services

The PAPG has an in-house Real Estate Broker that is responsible for the management and sales of real property owned by PA decedent’s and PG conservatees.  The Public Administrator and Public Guardian have a duty to the estates they administer to safeguard property and to make property productive while under their control.  When a conservatee or decedent owns property, the Real Property Agent will research title to the property, determine ownership, research comparable properties in the area to determine property value, research liens and perform a loan to value analysis to determine equity in the property.  Deciding whether a property is leased or sold is analyzed on a case by case basis.  In addition to homes and commercial property the Real Property Agent sells condominiums, vacant land, mobile homes, and timeshares.

Renting, leasing and advertising:

Rental services provided by the Public Administrator and Public Guardian include researching values of rentals in the area where the unit is situated to determine rental value of a particular unit.  Advertising available units for rent by displaying a sign on the premises and utilizing relevant electronic marketing resources or perform other advertising as it is deemed necessary.  Performing through background and reference checks before signing or renewing leases for properties.  Collecting rents as they become due and keeping an electronic ledger of all rents received.  Terminating tenancies and institute legal action to evict tenants and recover possession of rental units and sue to recover rents and other costs that are due.  To contract for repairs and supervise the work being done, including purchasing supplies and paying bills.  Perform frequent on-site inspections.  Enter contracts for utilities and other services as necessary.  Provide homeowner’s insurance coverage and initiate insurance claims if necessary.

Real Property Sales:

The Public Administrator and Public Guardian’s in-house real estate broker has years of experience selling Orange County real estate.  For Sale properties displayed on our Properties for Sale page and are listed on the Multiple Listing Service and the listing information is sent out to an extensive in-house list of real estate professionals and investors.  The listing also appear on real estate websites such as and among others.  If necessary For Sale properties are cleaned-up and, if necessary, repairs are made.  A lockbox is place at the property in order to facilitate showings.  Offers are received and reviewed by the Real Property Agent and negotiations to obtain the best possible price begin.  Once an offer is accepted the appropriate legal notices are prepared and filed with The Court.  Once the Notice period expires or The Court approves the sale, the Real Property Agent will initiate escrow and work with escrow to close the sale.


For property management services the PAPG real property agent has an hourly billing rate of $133.73.  For real estate sales the PAPG Real Property Agent charges a 5% fee for the sale of improved property which is split with the buyer’s broker.